Driven by IDEA, a 24/7 state of mind that inspires, supercharges, breaks through barriers. That shifts perspectives, tips perceptions and is continuously carried by impulses. IDEA drives a constantly changing scrutiny of the world to observe consumers and their behavior from ever newer points of view. Always open - to change and to search for improvement.

From knowledge to insight, from reflection to strategy - that is the Cyrte difference. It is the difference between seeing opportunities and creating them, and extracting the potential from them. IDEA allows us to stand back from conventional and traditional patterns. It draws us closer to the sources of new movements and developments in the market, closer to movements that will touch huge groups of people. IDEA creates a leap forward in perceiving how markets and consumers will react to each other. To turn the consequences to our advantage, that is the point of departure for extracting the inherent opportunities.

IDEA has been in place since 2000, the year the company was founded, forming the basis of the Cyrtes philosophy to invest all over the world in companies and industries that can be expected to profit the most from shifts in purchasing power. A team of investment managers and specialists project this philosophy onto the long-term trends, translating it into effective investment themes and ideas. These are directly applied to listed companies by means of the listed funds Cyrte Global, Cyrte LatAm and Cyrte Africa.


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